Dean in Chernobyl

Back in October our very own Dean Ladrigan traveled to Belarus to spend some time in an orphange with children who have been affected by the Chernobyl disaster. Dean received funding through the John Kelly Developing World Fund, a sponsorship fund set up by Dubco to help members give so unselfishly of their time to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Here’s his story: 

Thanks to Dubco and the John Kelly Developing World Fund, I had the chance to return to Cherven again in October of this year with The Burren Chernobyl Project. This was my third trip to Belarus and it’s great to have the opportunity to get to see how the kids have developed and grown over the past 4 years.

The orphanage is used to help children who have been affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The kids are aged from 4 – 35 and suffer from a range of mental and physical disabilities. Like my previous trips, I spent my days going from ward to ward interacting with the kids.These kids are deprived of any real affection for days or even weeks on end so when anyone shows them any form of love they adore it!

It’s strange to see how much joy and stimulation they get from being shown the smallest amount of attention! When you walk down the corridors and pass groups of kids, they all want to shake your hand or give you a hug! You truly learn the power of the human touch after you visit Cherven.

I can’t thank the Board, Volunteers, Management and Staff enough for all the support they have given me and The Burren Chernobyl Project over the years. I’m extremely proud to work for an organisation that cares so much about trying to help others. I’m already looking forward to returning to Cherven in 2018 and I’ll make sure to share my story with you all again.

Dean Ladrigan, Member Communications Officer


The Dubco Difference

One of our members recently reached out to us and asked if he could share his story with our members. Here’s his story:

Back in September of this year I applied for a loan so that my wife could avail of the Cross Border Initiative and get one of her hips replaced in Belfast. If we had waited to get it done by the HSE we would have been waiting 12 months so we decided to get it done up North. As neither of us have private health insurance, I was going to have to borrow to be able to afford the procedure.

Firstly I went to my bank, with whom we have our mortgage. They wanted to use our home as security for the loan and add over 10 years to the term of our mortgage. To me it felt like all they cared about was getting the transaction completed.

Then I came to Dubco. I was given the opportunity to sit down and talk with a member of the loans team. I really felt like they understood where I was coming from. The loans officer listened to me and helped put my concerns about borrowing such a high amount at ease. They worked with me to ensure I could afford the loan and that I wasn’t going to put myself in a tough position financially.

The difference for me between Dubco and my bank is that when I’m dealing with Dubco I’m dealing with a real person who shows compassion about my situation. When the loan was approved it was such a relief, it felt like a real weight had been lifted from my shoulders! I told my wife I would move the sun, moon and stars for her and thanks to Dubco I was able to make that happen.

Vincent, Lab Assistant, DIT

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Phishing scam targeting Credit Union members

We have been made aware of a phishing scam that is currently targeting Credit Union members.

Members who have been targeted will receive an email from a helpdesk address (for example, or an address similar to this using a Credit Union logo. The email will inform the member their password needs to be changed due to a possible breach, and will encourage them to click on a link to change their password.

This scam is designed to collect members’ personal details with a view to gaining access to personal financial accounts. Members should be advised to NOT download the file and if they do get one of these emails to delete it immediately.  If they are unsure of the safety or provenance of an email, they should contact Dubco for clarification.