Dubco was founded in the Housing Department of Dublin Corporation, now Dublin City Council, in 1977. In the early years Dubco provided only loan and saving facilities, but since then services have developed in accordance with member needs and we now provide a wide range of financial services.

Dubco Credit Union Limited is a democratic financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members. All Dubco Credit Union members have something in common (the common bond) and every member, no matter how much their savings, has an equal voting right in the running of Dubco Credit Union.

Membership of Dubco is open to all permanent, continuous and contract employees of Dublin City Council, Kildare County Council, Clare County Council & Louth County Council together with retirees from Dublin City Council, Kildare County Council, Clare County Council & Louth County Council; all permanent, continuous and contract administrative staff of the City of Dublin Education & Training Board (CDETB), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and IMPACT Union; all permanent, continuous and contract employees of the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), Musgrave Operating Partners Ireland (MOPI), Mondelez Ireland and Dubco Credit Union Limited; together with members of the families of any of the previously mentioned members.

“Member of the family”, in relation to any person, means that person’s parent, grandfather, grandmother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, spouse or civil partner, cohabitant, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin, step-son, step-daughter, step-brother, step-sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law or sister-in-law.

Dubco is proud to provide a range of financial services to over 13,400 members and has assets in excess of €134 million.

Your credit union is governed by you, the members.

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors, Board Oversight Committee or another volunteer position in Dubco?

The Nomination Committee is creating a panel of suitable candidates to fill current and future Governance vacancies. Induction and ongoing training is provided free to successful candidates.

For more information e-mail your contact details to info@dubco.ie with “FAO Nomination Committee” in the subject line.


Why volunteer at Dubco

  • To learn new skills
  • To improve professional skills and increase employability
  • To increase self confidence
  • To have a heightened sense of achievement
  • To do something they enjoy
  • To make a difference, a desire to help others
  • To give back, for example when you or a family member have benefited from the organisation
  • To meet new people, have a sense of belonging or community
  • When asked by someone they value
  • They hold the organisation, and it’s ethos, in high esteem
  • You will gain excellent experience in how a large member based organisation is run and of corporate governance.


You must be or become a member of the Credit Union to volunteer.

Members with qualifications, experience or an interest in the following fields would be an advantage:

  • ICT & Cyber Security
  • Strategic Planning & Business Development
  • Law or Regulatory Compliance
  • Rick Management
  • Investments
  • Marketing

Certain roles are subject to the Central Bank of Ireland’s Fitness and Probity requirements. Information on these requirements is provided if relevant to the role applied for.

The expected time commitment for directors or oversight committee is approximately 6 hours per month*. This includes attendance at the monthly board meeting, reading documents in advance of the board meeting, reading documents relating to the governance of the credit union or any other relevant documents, training and attendance at the annual general meeting. There may be other ad-hoc items that arise that may require your attendance.


*The expected time commitment may vary and does not include any additional study that the director wishes to undertake. If you join one of the board committees you may be required to give an additional hour or two per month.

Legislation & Rules

Dubco Credit Union is an independent, self-directed autonomous organisation, which manages its own affairs and is regulated in accordance with the Credit Union Acts 1997 – 2012 and Dubco Credit Union Rules as registered and approved by the Registrar of Credit Unions.

Central Bank Reporting & Structure

Credit Unions are directly regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Dubco Credit Union reports on a regular basis to the Registrar of Credit Unions regarding various matters (such as financial, provisions, bad debts, policies and procedures, for example). Dubco is compliant with all relevant legislation, including that which relates to Money Laundering, Data Protection and Revenue Reporting requirements.

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the control, direction and management of the affairs, funds and records of the Credit Union. The members of Dubco elect a Board of Directors at each Annual General Meeting. Each Director may serve for a maximum term of three years after which he/she may seek re-election subject to the maximum allowable service period, in accordance with legislation. Only members aged 18 and over who meet the fitness & probity requirements as set out by the Central Bank are eligible for election to the Board or committees of Dubco Credit Union.

Board Oversight Committee

The members elect a Board Oversight Committee, whose responsibility it is to ensure that the Board of Directors are carrying out their function. All the Board Oversight Committee members must be members of Dubco Credit Union and they ensure that the Board of Directors are acting within the law and in the best interests of the members.


Under the rules of Dubco Credit Union, all members of the Board and Committees together with Staff must sign a pledge of secrecy concerning all Credit Union matters.

Michelle Henshaw (Chairperson)
Chairperson since 2018
Vice Chairperson 2015 – 2018
Assistant Secretary 2014 – 2015
Director since 2014
Member of the Board Oversight Committee November 2012 – January 2014
Dubco Volunteer (Audit & Special Purposes Committee) February – November 2012
Dublin City Council (Law Department)

Mark Wynne (Vice Chairperson)
Vice Chairperson since 2018
Director since 2014
Member of the Board Oversight (formerly Supervisory Committee) 2011 – January 2014
Dubco Volunteer since 2009 (Special Projects Committee)
Dublin City Council (Housing & Residential Services)

Finbarr Maguire ( Secretary)
Secretary since 2017
Assistant Secretary 2015 – 2017
Director since 2014
Retired from Dublin City Council

Sean Casey  
Chairperson 2015 – 2018
Vice Chairperson 2014 – 2015
Director since 2005
Treasurer 2011 – 2013
Assistant Treasurer 2008 – 2011
Member of the Supervisory Committee 2003 – 2004
Retired from Dublin City Council

Sheila Hennessy
Director since 2015
Dublin City Council (Housing & Residential Services)

Kieran Kavanagh
Director since 2014
Retired from Dublin City Council

Seamus Lea
Chairperson 2012 – 2015
Director since 2012
Member of the Supervisory Committee 2009 – 2012
Supervisory Committee Chairperson 2010 – 2012
Supervisory Committee Secretary 2009 – 2010
Retired from Dublin City Council

Gerry Macken
Director since 2019
Board Oversight Committee member since 2014
Dublin City Council (Internal Audit)

Joe Morris
Director since 2017
Volunteer since 2015 (Credit Committee)
Retired from Dublin City Council

William Harnett
Board Oversight (formerly Supervisory) Committee Chairperson 2006 – 2010 & 2012 to date
Supervisor 1979 – 1984 & 2005 to date
Director 1980 – 2004
Chairperson of the Board 1994 – 1996
Retired from Dublin City Council

Deirdre Palmer
Board Oversight Committee member since 2018
Co-Co Director 1988 – 2017
Co-Co Chairperson 2012 – 2016
Co-Co Treasurer 1988 – 1992
Ex Mondelez Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Michael Ahern
Chief Financial Officer – John Moran
Finance Manager – Ben Gillick
Member Services Manager – Catherine Healy
Risk Officer- Kurt Kelly

Marketing, Communications & Compliance Team
Jane Corscadden
Dean Ladrigan
Ingrid Neary

Accounts Team
Ann Behan
Paul Corscadden
Michelle McLoughlin
Caroline Wilkinson

IT & Systems
Janice Carter

Member Services Team
Liam Ahern
Joe Dignam
Emma Carr
Ingrid Curley
Natasha Daly
Lee Dowling
Ger Duffy
Olive Egan
Kevin Healy
Denise Maher
Catherine McManus
Sinead O’Connor
Susan Smith O’Hara
Jenny Staunton
Carol Walsh
Kayleigh Lawless
Dolores Hutchinson
Pam Byrne

Monday Phone Service only: 9:00 – 17:00
Tuesday Phone Service only: 9:00 – 17:00
Wednesday Phone Service only: 9:00 – 17:00
Thursday Phone Service only: 9:00 – 17:00
Friday Phone Service only: 9:00 – 17:00